DDE and RTD utilities

Real-Time Stock / Futures Prices Feed for Excel


28-OCT-2013  Existing Users must download the new version 1.46 here due to AAstocks Web Pages Changing their format.

FREE Real-Time HK Stock Prices Feed for Excel

AA STOCKS DDE is a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server.  You can use any DDE Client program (e.g. EXCEL, Multichart, Metastock) to connect to it to obtain the real-time HK Stock prices. The software obtains the real time stock prices from http://www.aastocks.com/. Every second, it fetches a new stock price from the AA Stocks web site for each of the stocks that you subscribe to in your EXCEL spreadsheet.  NO MONTHLY FEE required!!. Thanks to AA Stocks!!!

To feed our DDE data into Metastock,  you need a sofware called "MetaServer RT for Universal Windows DDE" Their web site is: http://www.traderssoft.com/ts/msrt/

To feed DDE data into Multichart, use its Universal DDE function. For instruction click here.

To use the software, simply run the AAStocksDDE.exe program, then open any EXCEL spreadsheet with DDE formulae or enter a new DDE formula into an Excel spreadsheet.  When you first run the software, you will be asked whether to activate the software (if you have purchased a license key) or start your FREE TRIAL.  Make your choice. 

To avoid typing the DDE formulae, you can enter the HK Stocks codes in the white memo box on the left and click the button “Copy DDE Formulae to Clipboard for the following StockCodes”.  Then, go back to Excel and press Control-V to paste the formulae.

FREE Real-Time HK Stock Prices from AA Stocks into EXCEL

Real-Time Hong Kong Stock Prices in Excel (from AA Stocks)

For a 1-MONTH FREE TRIAL, please download the latest version (1.47here.  If you like it, just pay a one off fee of HKD388 to permanently use this software.


P.S. You may want to disable your Anti-Virus’ real-time web scanning if your stock prices seem slow in updating (e.g. delay > 3 seconds).